Issue #2: Shopping without sensory overload. Is it possible?

We say yes...

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Hello, Dear Readers! 👋 

If you’re new to Touchy Feely, you might not know that we’re on a mission to make life less prickly for highly sensitive people. Today, we’re tackling shopping!

Between the perfume counter smells, loud music crackling over ancient speakers, and clutter galore, it’s no wonder shopping can make those of us who have sensory sensitivities literally “shop ‘til we drop.”

Personally, I hate shopping, so half the time I’m kicking myself for deciding to build a shopping brand that requires me to do it all the time. But, if I can make it even 5% better for all of us who have to get things from stores sometimes, it’ll be worth it (and I know we can do better than that!).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to dozens of fellow shopping-avoiders. Here are the two main takeaways:

  1. Finding products that don’t contribute to sensory overload is HARD! There aren’t many brands designing products for neurodivergent brains and there’s no one-stop shop to find them.

  2. Stores (online and IRL) are overwhelming for dozens of reasons. Parking lots. Searching for deals, tracking sales, calculating prices. Navigating cluttered shelves. No, thank you! Shopping can be soooo much better.

Drumroll… 🥁 

We’re building a marketplace to curate all the best products in an easy-to-use shopping experience at!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the goodies in the shop 👀 

We’re just getting started, so please stay in touch as we improve our site and onboard new brands. Fab updates are happening daily and I’ll report back here weekly(ish).

Thanks for joining me on this journey,

Kendra Koch, Founder

P.S. Want to help us fix shopping?

Book a discovery call and let me know what would make shopping fun for you.

P.P.S. Need something specific?

Looking for shirts without tags? Fidget toys that don’t look like toys? We’ll find it for you—for free!

🔖 What we’re reading:

“Going Shopping is Dead” by Vox. It’s pretty bleak out there, but we’re super excited about the possibility of actually making shopping fun again. {link}

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Touchy Feely’s Brown Noise playlist on Spotify {link}.

Wondering what the difference is between brown noise and white noise? We cover it all on the blog. {link}

🍬 What we’re snacking on:

Samples from our Dopamine Snack aisle in the shop. {link}

🛍️ Featured brand:

Smunchies® squishable scrunchies are equal parts fashionable and fidgetable. Buy one for a teen or just grab one for yourself. {link}

✍️ New on the blog: 

How to Help Your Nervous System Calm Down by Kasia Manolas {link}

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