Issue #1: Welcome to Feeling Things by Touchy Feely

You're in the right place

Hello! 👋 

Whether you’re new here, or signed up ages ago, WELCOME! I’ve learned a lot since Touchy Feely was the seed of an idea, and I’m so glad to finally have the time and space to share what it’s becoming with you!

So why Touchy Feely?

Between pandemics, social upheaval, layoffs, and an always-on news cycle of traumatic events, life these days is pretty chaotic. 😅 

Our primitive biology hasn’t adapted as quickly as our modern world and it’s leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of stress—physical and emotional. If you’re highly sensitive or neurodivergent like I am, it’s especially challenging to feel at peace—there’s just so much to feel, so much to care about, and so much to process.

Through my decade-long career in the wellness space, training to become an actor, and my own personal health journey (a long story I’ll tell you about soon), I’ve learned that it’s important to both embrace your sensitivity and get stronger so you can adapt to whatever the world throws at you—without suppressing your gifts.

What to expect

Here, you’ll find support for managing stress, anxiety, and other physical and mental health challenges—all for free!

I’ll be sharing expert perspectives, helpful product recommendations, and relatable stories from our community so you can learn, apply and connect to make real changes in your life.

And, if you want even more you can shop our store or browse Touchy Subjects, our blog.

Between new shows on Netflix, social media, loaded email inboxes, and a dozen ways to send a text, attention is hard to come by these days. Thank you for giving me a little bit of yours.

All my best 🫶 ,

Kendra Koch, Founder & CEO

PS. A question for you… what brought you here? What are you hoping to find? I check all emails personally, so please hit reply and let me know.

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